Monday, May 13, 2013

Everyone! Meet Emma!

Happy Monday!  I figured I would start the week by introducing you to my friend Emma and her AWESOME blog- Your Doctor's Wife.  She put together a wonderful little compilation of her life guessed it, a doctor's wife!  Make sure to check out her blog when you have a chance :)  Thanks Emma!

Hi Everyone!

You can call me Emma.
Everyday my husband goes to working dressed like this

But then he changes into his superman outfit 
and looks like this to go out and save someone's day

When we were dating, 
I used to think scrubs and white coats were sexy

But years have passed and I've learned of such things as MRSA and Norovirus, 
so if he comes home in scrubs, I feel I must break out my
One day he came home and screamed for a plastic bag from the garage.
He had been doing this

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things went a little sideways
and he ended up with something like these

Don't worry... 
it looks worse than it really was (or so he said).

I used to do this

But, now I'm home doing this


Yes, that's REALLY me.

Yes, I'm living the glamorous life of 

Your Doctors Wife

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I hope you'll pop over and decide to follow along!

A huge THANK YOU to Katie for allowing me the opportunity 
to introduce myself to you!

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  1. This is hilarious! I too and a doctor's wife, and have had some of the same experiences. My husband used to leave for work in scrubs and wear them home, and now does the same thing yours does; he leaves the contaminated scrubs at work. Very fun post. I'll definitely check out your site as well. -