Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A SAHM's Salary?

Is it me, or is this summer completely flying by?  How could it possibly be August already?  It's been nearly a month since I've posted!!

I have a confession.  I'm slightly obsessed with infographics.  Seeing information broken down in pictures always seems to work for me.  Added bonus if the IG is super cute :)

I came across an infographic last night that REALLY struck a chord with me titled "Mom's Annual Salary."  I ALWAYS think about what a SAHM would earn if someone was paying her a salary and this was an eye opener for me. I would always ballpark the number at around $100K but this infographic took a more realistic approach.

It's interesting for me to see how it was broken down.  I definitely feel that I play cook a LOT- but that's something I enjoy.  Do I enjoying playing housekeeper as much?  No.  Not at all.

Take a peek below if you're lost at this point.  I really think this is an eye-opener!  Do you agree?  Feel free to leave comments!

P.S. Does this double if I have another baby ;-)?
Mom Annual Salary Infographic

This infographic was created by Credit Card Insider, your trusted credit resource, providing plain-language guidance from seasoned industry veterans.


  1. Oh wouldn't that be lovely to have that perk of getting paid to be a sahm?!

  2. Wow!! That's a lot of $$! That would be nice to get paid for those things. Talk about a shopping spree everyday!! New follower from 1 15 Danville. :)

  3. Interesting post! Which I could ACTUALLY bring that home every year! I'm a new follower from The Mushy Mommy. ;)

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