Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fashion Forward For the Holiday Season Ahead

Parties are common for the holiday season. They are a great way for people to get together with friends, family members and coworkers to socialize and have a good time. Everybody wants to look good at her Christmas parties, Hanukah parties and New Year’s parties. Keeping yourself in the latest fashion trends can be quite expensive, though. However, with a bit of innovation and creative thinking, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you look good for the holiday season without the hefty price tag. There are three main articles of clothing that you should definitely have in your closet: a black dress, a blazer and a white blouse.
Sashay Around Dress
Simple Black Dress
A Little Black Dress
As cliché as this may sound, having a “go to black dress” that you are comfortable in no matter what, is the key to your holiday party fashion. Of course you aren’t going to wear exactly the same thing to every event, but a black dress can be accessorized so easily that no one will even know it’s the same dress. Add stockings, a sweater, a scarf or a belt to change the look of the dress. Wear it with different shoes and jewelry and no one will even notice you already wore it!

The next essential item this season is a blazer. Blazers may scream “business” to you, but they are the latest fashion trend and can also be used for just about any occasion. You can throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans, white tank and pumps for classy relaxed look, or wear a colorful red dress with the blazer underneath for a fun, trendy holiday look. There are many ways to wear a blazer and they can be as inexpensive or expensive as you would like.

plain white blouse
Classic Blouse 
White Blouse
Just like the other two items, a white blouse is easily paired with just about anything to create whatever look you are going for. Wear a colorful pair of jeans- green or red for the holidays- with your white blouse for a fun night out with your girl friends. Pair it with black dress pants for a business look, or a pair of dark jeans for a more casual dinner party with family and friends.

Bangles, bangles, bangles!!!!
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The most important thing to remember is to accessorize. There is no need to go out and buy brand new expensive jewelry or scarfs, simply use what you already have or shop at thrift stores for inexpensive items. Wearing mixed bangles on the wrist is a hot holiday trend and is a simple way to jazz up any look. Big bling earrings are sure to make your outfit a hit, and a large ring will definitely turn heads. Use accessories to your advantage and create a new outfit with the same pieces of clothing. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Healthy Eating During the Holidays, Wait What?!

Did you think the holiday’s were a time to “let loose,” …literally? Well, you are not alone. Many Americans are under the impression that their diet, or healthy eating regime doesn’t count during the holidays. However, if this is the case, you WILL be counting the pounds that are packed on instead of ‘counting’ your diet as existent.

So, just how are you supposed to eat healthy during the holiday’s you ask? Well its simple really, as long as you know what you are doing. With these simple tips, you will be sure to fend off those urges to indulge in the calorie loaded foods that come out this time of year.

Eat Before You Party.
Who said having a snack before leaving for the party/dinner was a bad thing? In this case it is definitely not bad and it is actually encouraged. As long as you are snacking on healthy foods such as nuts, fruit or veggies you should eat a little something before you leave the house so you aren’t starving when you arrive at the party. This will cause you to not have those cravings as much because you will have a little something in your stomach already.  

 Keep the Focus off the Food.
When going to a holiday party or dinner do not pay most of your attention to what is being served. Instead, focus on who is at the party. Keep conversations engaging and entertaining with your family and friends. This is a great way to distract your brain, (and stomach) from the wonderful appetizers that may be set out.

One Doesn’t Mean More.
Just because you limit yourself to one round through the buffet line (which you should do), doesn’t mean to scoop a larger portion of each dish that you normally would. Be mindful of the calories in each item and serve yourself accordingly. Your brain will tempt you to take more food that you actually NEED, so be aware of how much is actually going on your plate.
*Tip- try not to allow your food to touch, even if you don’t mind it when they do. This will create smaller portion sizes! (don’t “stack” or “tower” your food either!)

Elastic is NOT an Option.
Yes, we all know that little trick of wearing pants and skirts with elastic waist lines, or wearing baggy shirts and dresses so you don’t feel as full when you are eating. By NOT doing this, you will fell yourself getting full, and actually worry about it. This will help you to not over eat.

It is not a Race.
When there is food in front of me, I eat it, all of it. Especially when others are still eating as well. Try to pave yourself while you eat. By not finishing first you won’t have the temptation to go up for seconds just because others are still eating. You will also allow yourself to feel the fullness setting in, instead of it attacking you so suddenly you didn’t even know you were eating.

One last tip, Chew Gum.
After you have completed your meal, grab a piece of gum. This will also eliminate the desire to continue to eat. It also makes you breathe smell nice!

Now you have the tips and tricks to continue your healthy eating plan for the remainder of the year. Don’t let a couple dinner party splurges ruin your year of training and ecerciese