Thursday, May 24, 2012

31 Bits: Look Good. Do Good.

What if jewelry could not only look good, but do good too? By helping impoverished women from Northern Uganda sell their handmade jewelry on an international scale, 31 Bits provides a wide array of fashion-forward necklaces and bracelets to customers who otherwise would not have access to these amazing pieces. They then use the profits to offer an equally impressive range of services to the designers. Founder Kallie Dovel visited Uganda in 2007 and spent her time in the homes of women who dreamed of providing a better life for themselves and their families through the selling of their handcrafted paper beads. Using local materials such as fabric and 100% recycled paper products, these women applied their creative skills to produce bright bold designs. Seeing the need for an effective marketing and sales strategy, Dovel put together a small team and returned to Uganda a year later to launch the company 31 Bits. Since then the company has expanded from benefitting six designers to ninety-nine, empowering them as women and strengthening the communities they work in.

Profits from these incredibly textured and colored yet extremely affordable pieces of art fund vocational training, support networks, financial training, English lessons, and AIDS and health education in addition to providing immediate, consistent, and fair income. Beneficiaries are then not only able to escape poverty and the dangers that come with it, but are also capable of becoming self-sufficient contributors to their communities. Through the sales of their beautiful handiwork, nearly one hundred women have been able to pursue and achieve their dreams of educating their children, running sustainable farms, building homes, escaping war zones, and starting their own businesses. 31 Bits not only works to distribute unique handmade necklaces and bracelets, but to bring hope for a bright future to the women who create them.

Just because this jewelry is sold for a good cause does not mean it lacks in quality or personality. These striking designs are as bright and joyful as the amazing women who craft them. Created with individual attention and care, this reasonably priced jewelry can be easily coordinated with designer pieces. 31 Bits offers a vast selection of styles to suit every woman’s taste. From big and bold to small and subtle, there is a piece of jewelry for everyone. There is even a wedding collection designed perfectly for adding a special touch to any bridal look. Fun and easy to wear, these lively designs add colorful splashes of happiness to every outfit. Not only does 31 Bits jewelry look good on you, you do good in the world by wearing 31 Bits jewelry.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dancing With the Stars

I haven't posted in awhile, its been a crazy month!! Hopefully I can be a little more organized in June and start post regularly! That being said, one thing my daughter and I like doing together to relax- is watch a good 'ole episode of 'Dancing With the Stars'!! (Of course I DVR it so we can watch it during the day).

My daughter loves, LOVES, dancing along with the contestants... well wiggling along I guess I should say. I think it is just adorable!! Although our favorite star, Katherine Jenkins, didn't win... we are still very happy with the MirrorBall Trophy winner- Donald Driver! Congratulations Donald! We are looking forward to another season of Dancing with the Stars!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MAY: Pregnancy Awareness Month

Photo by: Jennifer Bradford
Hooray, May is Pregnancy Awareness month! As many of you might know, I am passionate about topics surrounding pregnancy. I love writing articles about prenatal care, postnatal care, losing baby weight, adjusting to motherhood and much more. If anyone is interested in posting an article in honor of Pregnancy Awareness Month please feel free to email me! I would love to write something for you. Also, here are some great sites to check out that are promoting this special month!

Email me at: ! Happy May everyone!