Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Flashback! Packing Your Hospital Bag!

A few weeks ago I had a few of my closest girlfriends over for wine night.  Wine night is always fun with the girls because we share stories, talk about the kids, reveal Pinterest success stories (and failures!)  Just the girls enjoying each other's company....and wine.

This wine night was one for the record books as it took shape in a different way.  I don't remember who, but one of my girlfriends mentioned that her husband wanted to bring his X-Box to the hospital during their child's delivery.  Another woman mentioned that her husband brought a football to toss around while he was bored.  The more we talked about it, the harder we laughed at these ridiculous ideas!

I decided to take it a step further and make a collage of what we (the wives) thought to bring vs. what they (the husbands) thought to bring.  The list we came up with is pretty funny, and the descriptions are listed below. I'd love to hear feedback about what YOUR husband thought to bring!

To Make Sense of it All:

MY Must-Haves:

1.  Diaper Bag: I love this color! Source:
2.  ID and Insurance Cards: These are a MUST have for the hospital- to ensure they process your paperwork correctly.
3.  Cord Blood Collection Kit: This is of your partner's responsibilities and is important to give to your doctor.  Source:
4.  Flip-Flops: Many of my friends brought slippers, which got dirty quickly at the hospital.  I chose flip-flops and they were great!
5.  Bathrobe:  It's important to be comfortable and a cozy robe is a perfect choice.
6.  Big Sibling Gift: Making your first child feel involved is very important.  Bring his/her gift to the hospital for their arrival!
7.  iPad: Comes in handy to Skype and e-mail!
8.  Camera:  My husband was able to capture some beautiful pictures with our camera.  These memories are priceless.

HIS Must-Haves:

9.  Some Type of Ball: "To toss around while waiting for labor", was his explanation.  Really?
10.  PowerBars: My husband assured me that he needed to have the proper fuel for delivery.  Source:
11.  Our pup, Skip: Okay, this is a stretch and I understand where he was coming from but- no dogs allowed!
12.  A Stop Watch: While my husband thought timing the labor was a good idea, I assured him it would get tossed across the room (by me.)
13.  Pickles and Ice Cream: Doesn't he realize the cravings are gone?  I mean...really...
14.  "Neuralyzer": The "memory eraser from Men In Black"...just in case some of the more anatomical memories needed to be erased.
15.  Comics:  I many children do I have here?
16.  Give It Your Spin!:  My husband always kept me on my toes and although he tried to help pack for our delivery, my suggestions were a little more practical.  Feel free to share what your husband brought in the comments section below!