Friday, July 6, 2012


 My husband and daughter woke me up today because they had music playing in the kitchen (louder than most people would play their morning music, trust me).  I went downstairs and saw the two of them dancing. My husband had our daughter in his arms and was spinning around with her. It made me tear up a little bit (I tend to go OD on emotions when I think things are cute).

So reflecting back, the reason I shed a tear was because it reminded me of when I used to dance around the kitchen by myself playing relaxing music while my daughter was still in the womb. Sometimes I would play music while cooking or baking, or sometimes just for the two of us to hear, to relax to.

I wanted to share this idea of playing music to your unborn child because I know some of my friends never heard of it when I told them about my kitchen escapades. I found an article on playing music for your baby while they’re still in the womb that said, “Prenatal stimulation through music heard regularly while in the womb might provide some babies with a sense of confidence and relaxation after they're born.” Of course there are probably studies that show there is proven stimulation through playing music for a baby in the womb, but the fact for me was I enjoyed it!

I've always liked a variety of music, country, classic, jazz, some hip-hop so Lily was exposed to a variety of music. I am sure I looked silly in the kitchen dancing around, but I found it relaxing and it always put a smile on my face.  I like to think Lily liked the music then, as she still likes it now!


  1. I received a comment from you onmy blog. If you would like to contact me leave me your email via a comment again. Ps I totally played music for my kids!

  2. Playing music is awesome...I did this for all three of my kids, and also took my younger two to Kindermusik almost from birth. I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful effect this had on our lives...I also play music for my kids as they go to sleep. I have found that when they are really upset (the youngest two are aged two & 6 months), singing to them is a great way to settle them & me - lol! And of course when they are really screaming & I just feel I can't cope I sit in rocking chair & put on the ipod with some of the relaxing music I listened to with my daughter in the womb & I straight away feel better...and eventually she will drop off...possibly because I am then relaxed!!! So I say - Just do it!

    1. Music is great for so many reasons. There is something for everyone too, no matter what kind of music you enjoy! I am so happy to hear someone else can relate to my story! Although I only have one baby girl -- maybe someday we will have more though! :)