Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day Treats: Fun For Everyone

While Valentine's Day is usually treated as a day for lovers, there's no reason you can't turn it into a family event to show your love for your kids as well.  Lots of moms like to plan a fun activity or make a special treat with their children when Valentine's Day rolls around. 

For a project that embraces the mood of the occasion and offers an edible reward, make heart-shaped treats from puffed rice cereal and a few other ingredients that you probably have on hand already for the whole family to enjoy.

*Photo By Chris Short

My Valentine Rice Krispy Treat (Julie Made It) by Chris_Short
Heart Shaped Rice Cereal Treats
1/4 c. Butter
7 oz. Marshmallow Creme
1/2 c. Peanut Butter
Red Food Coloring
6 c. Puffed Rice Cereal

Melt butter in the microwave in a large, microwave-safe mixing bowl.  Approximately 30 to 60 seconds should do it.  Be careful not to overheat your butter.  

Stir the marshmallows into the butter with a mixing spoon and place the mixture back in the microwave.  Heat for two to three minutes until marshmallows are melted.  Stir the mixture together until it is thoroughly combined.

Add peanut butter to the melted marshmallows and butter and stir thoroughly by hand.  

Add two or three drops of red liquid food coloring to the marshmallow mixture for a touch of Valentine color.

Stir the puffed rice cereal -- any brand -- into the marshmallow mixture.

Now for the fun….  Grease your kids' hands with solid vegetable shortening so they can work with the cereal mixture without it sticking to their hands.  Allow them to form the mixture into heart shapes freestyle! This is so much fun- even for adults!  

If you'd rather, use several heart-shaped cookie cutters to guide your creations.  Place the cookie cutter on a sheet of waxed paper.  Fill it with the cereal mixture, and push the cereal mixture out of the cookie cutter and onto the waxed paper.  Greasing your cookie cutters will allow them to release the heart-shaped treats more easily.  

Once you've formed all of the treats, allow them to set for a half an hour so they will retain their shape when served.  Serve them up with some strawberry milk for a red and pink treat that will be a hit with the whole family.

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