Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stem Cell Research: Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Regain Some of What They Lost

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Breast cancer is something I hold dear to my heart. A few years ago a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. The past few years have been a struggle for her, her family and her friends, but her strength has prevailed as she has beaten the cancer. However, the fear of it returning is something she lives with everyday. Not only have I learned to cherish each day for what it is, I have learned that the strength of one person can be so great, it can change not only their own lives but the world alike. 

            I wrote this post in hopes to get some responses/discussion, as stem cell research can be a controversial topic. I have found myself questioning it sometimes, never agreeing or disagreeing, just curious to find out more. Learning the possibilities of hope it could bring to a woman like my friend brings joy to my heart.

Scientific research has not only evolved from the past to shape the world we live in today, but it is also creating new possibilities for the future. Day to day there are breakthroughs in the scientific world that change our forever. Just today, GMA did a special interview with Suzanne Somers who has offered to be a ‘guinea pig’ for what could change certain women’s lives forever.

Somers, known best for her three-year role on the hit sitcom, “Three’s Company,” has also been known over the years for her all natural anti aging regimens. Most recently however, Somers has emerged as the first woman to legally undergo reconstructive surgery on her breast using her own stem cells. A breast cancer survivor, she has lived many years with ‘lopsided’ breasts- an issue many breast cancer survivors face. Known as “Cell Assisted Lypo Transfer” the surgery removes fat tissue from the stomach in which stem cells are then harvested. Parts of this surgery are not yet FDA approved; however, Somers says that after this clinical trial is complete is will most likely become FDA approved and could even be covered by insurance companies. Other medical experts warn that the stem cells could turn cancerous in years to come.

Stem cell research is a controversial topic in which people argue why it’s right, why it's wrong, how it should and should not be used. This shows an example of ‘New Hope,'  as ABC calls it, for women who survive breast cancer. The strength it takes to survive cancer is immense. For a surgery to be made available that allows women to reshape their bodies using their own stem cells could also be life changing, giving them confidence and strength for the rest of their lives. 

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  1. My mother died from breast cancer when I was nineteen. This post hit very close to home.

    I'll admit, I am not well-versed in the topic of stem cell research. I understand that it is controversial because of it's ties to abortion?