Thursday, March 15, 2012

SPRING Into Cleaning

It's that time of year again, the time of year we all fear- Spring Cleaning. This year can be different though! There are many tips and tricks out there that will get your enthusiasm up, and keep your spending down! With a little knowledge and the right tools, you will have no problem being efficient without using up a lot of precious free time.

Here are some important things to focus on, and easy ways to get things done!

1. Make A Checklist. Creating a list of what needs to get done to make your house fresh and welcoming for Springtime will allow you to easily see your progress, allow you to not forget to accomplish something and remind you of what supplies you will need at the store. Therefore, you will waste no time at all at the store since you will already know what you need and not have to run back to get it. You will also spend less time trying to remember what else it is you wanted to get done this spring

2. Concentrate on ONE area at a time. We all know how easy it is to start cleaning the kitchen sink and wind up down the hall cleaning out a closet. Meanwhile, the sink isn’t really clean and the closet still needs work. So, simple tip- concentrate on one area at a time. Set a manageable goal for yourself, such as, sweep and mop the kitchen floor. This will allow you to give your full attention to the task at hand so you do not have to go back and redo the halfhearted job you’ve already attempted to finish!
Photo by Adam Cleaver    

3. De- clutter, De- clutter, De- clutter. Through those long winter months clutter forms almost everywhere, no matter how hard you try. By getting rid of things you do not need, and organizing the keepers, you will spend less time actually cleaning a space.

      4. Create a Daily Cleaning Schedule- AND STICK TO IT! Holding yourself accountable for the things you want to clean will make it go by much faster. Turn on some music and get too it, start checking off those tasks and you will be done in no time!


5. Buy Multipurpose Cleaning Supplies. Often times we find ourselves buying a different cleaning aid for each area of the house, but there is simply no reason too! It is easy to find supplies that are useful in multiple areas of the house and that are also affordable! (There are even certain supplies that are better for the environment!) 

6. Don’t Forget the Linens! This is something I remind myself to do 
each year when spring cleaning… washing the curtains, comforters and couch. I have slipcovers that go over my couch cushions, making them easy to wash. If you throw in a load of laundry consisting of sheets, or curtains or even clothing if it needs to be done, before you tackle something else, you will be doing two things at once and effectively managing your time.

7. Create a New Look. This is something I prefer to do, but something you certainly don’t have to do. When I am done cleaning, I like to rearrange the accessories and/or furniture of a room. I often replace decorations depending on the season, giving the house a fresh, spring look. This will help you feel a difference in the home too. Everything will seem new, fresh and very clean!

Whether you are aiming to clean the whole house, or just a few rooms, these tips are sure to help!  Open the windows for some fresh air, blast some good music and spring into cleaning!


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