Monday, June 4, 2012

The No-Bake Diaper Cake!

One of my dear friends, (who's name also happens to be Katie- great name huh!?), is expecting and is due late July. At first I couldn't decide what to get her for her shower... should I go practical? or should I go extreme and buy things I know she wouldn't typically buy, like cutesy clothes and flower headbands? After a lot of thought, I decided I was determined to do both! What better way to do so than a diaper cake! Everything the cake is made of is 100% usable... I doubt she will reuse the pins though. 

Anyway, to start I collected my supplies:

Rubber Bands- I used 5 large ones
Two Boxes of Diapers (I try to get all white ones, sometimes there is a blue-ish hint to them)
Pins- a box with white pin tops works best
10" Round Cardboard Cake Board
1 Paper Towel Doily
Ribbon (Of your choice, I went with a green and a burlap for a vintage look)
Decorations- this include flowers, bows, socks, headbands, etc.
3 Cake pans/pots- these should vary in size, and will create the tiers for the cake

Now it is time for the work

Depending on what theme/look you are going for your supply list will vary. To start, take your largest cake pan (or pot, or whatever round object you have found) and start by fanning the diapers around the outside. There is no certain number of diapers to be used, it just depends on the size of the object you are using and the diapers. Eventually the diapers should circle around and create a hole in the middle, this is where the paper towel doily will be inserted to hold the three tiers together. Once the diapers are snug enough inser the doily and wrap a rubber band around the outside of the diapers. I used two just to make sure they were secure. Remove the bottom tier, with doily, from the pan and place it on the cake board. This is the base of your cake. Repeat this step two more times using the two smaller cake pans to make the next two tiers. Place each tier on the doily- usually the doily doesn't show through the top tier. 

*Note: The smallest tier only needed one rubber band because I was able to double it!

Now, that the cake is structured, let the fun begin! There are so many ways to decorate a diaper cake. For this cake in particular I started by measuring, cutting and pinning burlap around each cake tier. Then I did the same thing with the green ribbon, layering it on the burlap.

*Note: Line up the seems of each ribbon. That way they can all be covered up and used as a center point for everything else.

Once the ribbon is in place, start placing your decorations. I usually have a general idea of the look I am going for, but I always have a variety of supplies on hand to choose from. For this cake I chose to do big pink flowers down the front, and burlap bows down the back to cover the ribbon seems. I wanted to keep the cake very girly, after all she is having a girl! Everything is pinned onto the cake, so the diapers are not harmed. For added decor, I used two sets of booties, (which are adorable I must say!) and some head wraps. To top off the cake, I stuck a pink feather down the doily and added a little bling by using a green baby bracelet around the feather. 

Everything was very simple to do! I love making these cakes! Especially because I know Katie can use everything on the cake... I think I have said that 3 times now :) Oh well! 

To make the cake look more "present" like,  I wrapped it up in cellophane and tied a pretty pink and white checkered bow on top!  She LOVED it! 

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  1. Such a cute idea! :) And I bet WAY more affordable than buying the equivalent...