Thursday, June 7, 2012

Premama- The Prenatal Vitamin for Expecting Mothers

For a woman planning a pregnancy, or for a woman who is already pregnant, the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, getting exercise and taking prenatal vitamins is a constant mission for a mom-to-be. Keeping her body in the best condition to foster a healthy child is the goal of a woman and her medical team. For an expecting mother, knowing the best way to be sure she is doing all she can to stay healthy and fit may leave her feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, with products like Premama out on the market, staying healthy while pregnant is easy!

When I was expecting my child, a daughter named Lily, I was plagued with morning sickness and feelings of fatigue right from the start. I was worried that since I wasn’t craving much (mostly gyros and everything covered in blue cheese!), I wasn’t providing my baby with all of the nutrients she needed. I’ve also always been one to have a hard time swallowing pills—if medicine came in a liquid form that’s what I was taking! So prenatal vitamins were tough for me too. I of course took them (and adjusted my eating habits) to be sure that my baby was getting the best I could give her, but I wished there was something easier for me to take.

The prenatal vitamin drink made by Premama is exactly what I needed—made as a flavorless, on-the-go drink mix, this is the easiest way for an expectant mother to get the needed nutrients for baby without the discomfort of big pills or flavors that make her sick. For example, a few of Premama’s key vitamins are folic acid to help reduce birth defects, ginger root to help with morning sickness, and vitamin D3 to support bone growth.

It’s important to take prenatal vitamins when you’re planning, pregnant and nursing so your body is fully supported. An expectant mother has much to learn and many decisions to make about her delivery and her baby’s early life, things like pain management, umbilical cord blood banking and immunizations, so knowing that your nutrient needs are being met will be one less concern you and your doctor will have. Focusing on the fun parts of pregnancy like organizing a nursery, taking childbirth classes and meeting other mothers will allow you to be stress-free and relaxed throughout your term.

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