Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guest Post: How to Take Better Baby Pictures!

Two posts in 1 day? I know. I know.  But this second post is a good one :)

I was fortunate enough to receive a guest post from my blog friend Vanessa over at her WONDERFUL photography blog that you can find here at Take a peek at her tips for taking better baby pictures.

Until your child can sit up and run around you may feel like all your images of your wee one look the same. Plopping them on the couch here and there is great but when they are constantly falling over it may be hard to capture the image you desire to grab. Below I am sharing 5 tips that have helped me when taking pictures of our little boy!

And p.s. you can use these tips to photograph your children at any age.

1. Find the light!! To me it's the MOST important part of your image- beside the sweet baby! So find: Big windows, glass doors, open your blinds do what you can to let the light shine in your home. We have awesome light that streams in through our back glass door. I love taking pictures in that area because I know it will provide us with some yummy light.

This doesn't mean every image you take needs to be posed in this spot that would get old! Instead, put their toys, blanket etc in the spot that has great light and then when you're ready to take a picture, they are in the location you want them to be without moving them out of their element. I don't set baby G facing the light directly. I like to turn him at about a 45 degree angle otherwise I find the light too harsh!

2. Get on their level! Lay on the ground and see the world from their view! This helps you have a variety of images from different angles. Down low, above, etc! But my favorite is to lay on the ground and talk and laugh with my baby!


3. Don't forget the details! Do you not just stare at your baby's face all day? Their cute nose, tiny hands, squishy belly! I could go on... I love to take pictures of these parts to remind me of his sweetness! Of course I love his face but I try to capture all aspects of him. Will he not stay this little forever? Please tell me yes...

4.  Rule of thirds! In order to make your images more dynamic and interesting don't always place your baby in the center of your image.  Mix it up and take a picture with your child on either the right or left side of the frame! Rule of thirds helps show off the environment, show movement and change it up from the typical center face shot!

 5. Capture parts of your day! Posed pictured are great as well but don't forget those moments that remind you of YOUR life with your babe- catch them sleeping in their crib, munching on their breakfast, practicing tummy time, cuddles with Dad, out for walk, getting a diaper change, playing with a pet or their favorite toys! Those are the moments that make my heart swell!

Lastly, keep your camera close by, keep shooting and happy picture taking!

About Vanessa:
Vanessa Schrotenboer is a blogger who shares many aspects of her life from her journey into motherhood, portrait and wedding photography as well as
beauty and lifestyle tips! She enjoys blogging, photography and a warm cup of hot chocolate. To connect with Vanessa check out her blog or her twitter, @vschrotenboer.

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